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In 1977, Mr. Robert Blalock Jr. was employed at Piedmont Machine Shop, owned by his Uncle, Mr. J.Lee Blalock.

Uncle Lee along with his brother, Mr. Robert Blalock Sr. taught Robert Jr. the machine shop business and taught him well. Robert Jr. started out sawing steel and sweeping the shop but quickly progressed to Shop Foreman.

But, in 1977 an opportunity was presented to Robert Jr. that was the fulfillment of a dream...the opportunity to be the owner of his own Machine Shop. Thus, the small company called Beveridge Metal Products quickly grew under Robert's leadership, and before long, the name had changed to Precision Machine Products.

Since then, simply by hard work and God's blessings. PMP has grown into one of the premier machine shops in the Southeast. Our original focus was the Textile Industry, but we have since diversified into servicing other industries such as Corrugated box manufacturers, Soft Drink bottlers, Utility Companies, Automotive Parts Manufacturers, Cosmetic Accessory Manufacturers, and Food Manufacturers, just to name a few.

Even after 43 years of being at the helm of PMP, you will still find Robert Blalock Jr. present every day at PMP. He is usually the first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening...and, there is a better than even chance that if you call us to place an order, you will talk to HIM...Nothing like talking to the head man!!! 

Thanks for taking the time to read our brief story and all of us at PMP, especially Mr. Blalock, look forward to serving you in the future!!!

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